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Feb 24, 2022

The story of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief, begins with him sending a letter to a baron with the exact date and time he will rob the man.

The baron immediately contacts the best detective in France.

...oh and Arsène Lupin is actually in prison so the armed guards, locked gates, and flooded tunnels seem like overkill.

But...this is Arsène Lupin, so, of course, the poor Baron doesn't even stand a chance.


Three fun announcements:

1. We have a new show! Best of the Worst, the former segment on this show, is now a twice-weekly podcast (with fun fake ads!) at

2. We have another new show! We partnered with Kast Media to make an immersive history podcast telling the stories of bizarre and somewhat ridiculous villains. We think you'll love it. Check it out on Apple Podcasts:

Or search for "Scoundrel" wherever you get your podcasts!

3. Sorry about being gone for so long and thanks for sticking with us. It's because of you and everyone that wrote in voicing their love of the show that we're back. I'm hoping to manage things a little better now so I don't get so burnt out again.