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Aug 28, 2018

Mina is distraught. Her friend is sick, hit by a strange and sudden anemia the day a ship came into port from the other side of the world - some province in Romania known as Transylvania. Worse, Jonathan, her fiancee, hasn't returned yet. He had gone to visit a nobleman on the continent, and he was now a month overdue.

Mina wasn't the only one with problems, though. At the mental institution, a heartbroken doctor has a patient come in with a dark secret...and a sinister appetite.



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"Serial Killer" by John Bartmann

"Thin Passage" by Blue Dot Sessions

"I Should have been More Human" by Chris Zabriskie

"What does Anybody Know about Anything?" by Chris Zabriskie

"Gadwall" by Chad Crouch

"Doubled" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tender Moment" by John Bartmann

"Pieces" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Floor Shine" by Blue Dot Sessions