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Dec 12, 2017

Macbeth is a story about ambition and violence. Given a prophecy that he will become king, Macbeth finds himself both drawn to and repulsed by the desire that grows within him. On one hand, he could do so much as king: his name would live on forever. On the other, he is a loyal, kind, and just man...and for him to become king, the current king, his cousin and the man he has fought for and killed for, would have to die.


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"Somnolence" by Kai Engel

"March" by Kai Engel

"Difference" by Kai Engel

"Hopes and Dreams" by Kai Engel

"Changing Reality" by Kai Engel

"Daemones" by Kai Engel

"Vik Fence Lardha" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Vik Fenceta" by Blue Dot Session

"Vik Fenceta Lan" by Blue Dot Sessions